The Comicon Challenge 2011 Part 2

I’ve been really busy this week finishing a number of projects up, but I did have some time to finish up my zbrush sculpt for the Comicon Challenge. Next is retopologizing the hi-res and UVing followed by lots and lots of baking.

Here is a test render using some basic settings in the BPR renderer. I made a number of changes including a half mask with straps so you can see her hair and ears, pouches, a holster, seams, stitches, extra canisters for her gun, and a revised bandolier and belt.


TFW2005 and Razer Present – The TFW2005 Video Game Photoshop Contest

A few weeks ago my favorite Transformers forum TFW2005 announced a contest in conjunction with Razer asking contestants to “Create, draw or photoshop an image showing TFW2005 as a video game from any gaming era.” My two favorite things, how could I resist?

I had some free time during lunch today and decided to see what I could do in a few hours seeing as I have so many other projects in the works.

Here is the base mesh I created in Maya. Real fancy.

I imported the pieces into zbrush and went to work.

I subdivided the pieces until I had enough geometry to really get the fine detail I was looking for. Overall I spent about 45 minutes up to this point. I rendered out a number of single frames each one containing different materials and lighting information so I could composite them in photoshop.

Next I added his paint and put it all together on the cover of an XBox 360 game.

Click here for the full resolution image

Not bad for a few hours of work! I’ll post an update if my entry wins a prize in the contest.

Update: I won the Grand Prize!

Thanks for reading!

The Comicon Challenge 2011

I’ve been pretty unmotivated lately in terms of creating real time characters, but my friend Satoshi convinced me to participate in Game Artisan’s Comicon Challenge. This year the theme seemed pretty interesting:

“This year’s theme for 3D Character Artists and 2D Concept Artists is “Alternate Universe.” You can either change the time period of your comic book hero or his/her gender. For instance you can make a 1842 Western styled Captain America (cowboy) OR a female Captain America OR you can do both – an 1842 western-styled (cowboy/girl) female Captain America. If you decide to mix and match, it’s your choice!”

I had a difficult time coming up with something I REALLY wanted to do since most of the obvious choices were already taken. I did some searching and I found something with potential. Before Neil Gaiman got a hold of the Sandman as we know him today, he used to be a Golden Age comic book hero with a really simple aesthetic and something I really like…a gas mask!

Here is the wikipedia entry on The Sandman

I decided to use a similar time period (1940’s) but change his gender and make a sexy femme fatale equivalent.

I just started so here are some work in progress images of what I have going so far. I’ll be updating this blog with entries whenever I make some significant progress. The base mesh was created in Zbrush using Zspheres and all the other pieces started off as simple primatives in Maya which were imported using GoZ.

Early Character Turns

Mask Detail

Inspiration Sheet

Quick Paint-Over

You can follow my progress in my thread on Game Artisans

Feel free to leave any comments or critiques!

Quick update I made the other night:



The Innsmouth Look

I recently re-read many of H.P Lovecraft’s more famous works and after visiting, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” I was inspired to create a portraiture of someone showing the later stages of their transformation. This is the result:

Click here to view the high resolution image

Zbrush, Maya, and Photoshop were my weapons of choice. I created the base head using zspheres and all the other accessories started as cubes in Maya. I used the GoZ feature to quickly get them in the scene in the correct scale to the head.  Here are some early wip (work in progress) shots that show a bit of my process

Innsmouth WIP 01

early stage of sculpting

Innsmouth Look WIP 02

defining the major details

Innsmouth Look WIP 04

polypainting progress

I decided to go for a still image so I didn’t have to worry about poly count and I could just let myself have fun without worrying about technical constraints. I also decided to try a new method of rendering out multiple passes and layering them in photoshop. This allowed me to tweak them individually which gave me an amazing amount of control over the final image.

I also modeled some addition props such as a brooch, and a pendant, but unfortunately I didn’t feel like they added anything so I left them out. They are supposed to resemble some of the strange golden jewelry the citizens of Innsmouth would receive from Dagon and his Deep Ones.

Here is a brief tutorial I put together on how I achieved the final results.