TFW2005 and Razer Present – The TFW2005 Video Game Photoshop Contest

A few weeks ago my favorite Transformers forum TFW2005 announced a contest in conjunction with Razer asking contestants to “Create, draw or photoshop an image showing TFW2005 as a video game from any gaming era.” My two favorite things, how could I resist?

I had some free time during lunch today and decided to see what I could do in a few hours seeing as I have so many other projects in the works.

Here is the base mesh I created in Maya. Real fancy.

I imported the pieces into zbrush and went to work.

I subdivided the pieces until I had enough geometry to really get the fine detail I was looking for. Overall I spent about 45 minutes up to this point. I rendered out a number of single frames each one containing different materials and lighting information so I could composite them in photoshop.

Next I added his paint and put it all together on the cover of an XBox 360 game.

Click here for the full resolution image

Not bad for a few hours of work! I’ll post an update if my entry wins a prize in the contest.

Update: I won the Grand Prize!

Thanks for reading!

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