PlanetSide 2 NC Infiltrator Zbrush Sculpts

During my last few months at SOE I had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented character artists I had ever collaborated with. Mat Broome provided the concept and Kenneth Coker supplied a beautiful base mesh for me to sculpt on. We all had our hands on the majority of the characters, but the NC Infiltrator is one I had ownership over, and one I am most proud of. It was definitely the most challenging character I’ve created during my time at SOE, and I hope you enjoy playing him in game as much as I had fun making him!


Infiltrator Helmet Turns


PlanetSide 2 Nanite Systems Nerf Repaint

I needed a break from the digital world and decided to create a custom loosely based on the guns from the PlanetSide Universe. I started with a Nerf Longstrike along with a few additional pieces scavenged from other Nerf guns and some other parts.

Stock Nerf Longstrike

I painted over it in photoshop to work out a concept. Ultimately I decided to go with a Nanite Systems paint scheme instead of the Terran Republic version I painted here.

Paint-Over Concept

The plan was to repaint the gun, add some LEDs and mount a laser diode in the sight. I didn’t have the time for the laser, but the LEDs added a really nice visual touch.

Nerf Gun Disassembled

I took the gun a part and created detailed schematics of where all the screws and parts went. There was over 50 screws, and at the end I only lost 1.

Base Coat

I sanded and prepped all pieces by washing them in a soapy mixture to remove the mold release and then sanded all the logos off the gun. I added a base coat of Krylon Fusion paint. This gave it a smooth surface to work on. Always wear eye protection and a respiration to avoid breathing in paint.

Base Detail

I laid down a few coats and let the paint dry over night. I then brought everything inside to begin detailing. I used Games Workshop Citadel paints to detail the gun. Chaos Black, Bolt Gun Metal, Mithril Silver, Tin Blitz, and Codex Grey got the job done.

Details details

I also used a special paint meant to heat seal BBQ’s which creates great tooth. When you dry brush those areas it creates a very convincing worn metal look.

Primer Coat, Base Colors, Wash Coat, Dry Brushing, then Details

I drilled some holes in the body and installed the LEDs which Roy helped me with again. I also bought some dowels and cut them to the same size as bullets and filled up the clips to give the gun some weight. Here are the final pictures!

Before and After